Friday, October 6

3:00pm Registration, Dodd Hall Auditorium
3:30pm Keynote Address
Prof. Michael McKenna (University of Arizona)
“Punishment and the Value of Deserved Suffering”
5:30pm Reception, Dodd Hall

Saturday, October 7

8:00am Light Breakfast
8:30am Andrew Law (University of California, Riverside)
“Explanations in Frankfurt Cases”
Commentator: Matthew Jernberg (Florida State University)
9:30am Etye Steinberg (University of Toronto)
“Reflection and Responsibility for Attitudes”
Commentator: Rachel Amoroso (Florida State University)
10:30am Isaiah Lin (Syracuse University)
“Absence Causation and Supervenience”
Commentator: Andrew Christman (Florida State University)
11:30am Lunch (on your own)
1:00pm David Poplar (University of Arizona)
“In Praise of Gratitude”
Commentator: Gordon Cooper (Florida State University)
2:00pm Derek Lam (University of Virginia)
“The Dilemma Defense and Remaining Agnostic in the Right Way”
Commentator: Jay Spitzley (Florida State University)
3:00pm Phoebe H. Y. Chan (University of Arizona)
“Two Myths of Free Agency”
Commentator: Nick Sparks (Florida State University)
4:00pm Keynote Address
Prof. David Shoemaker (Tulane University)
“Hurt Feelings”
6:00pm Reception, Dodd Hall

Structure of Graduate Student Sessions:

Presentation: 25 minutes

Comment and Response: 15 minutes

Q&A: 10 minutes

Break: 10 minutes

*All talks will be held in Dodd Hall Auditorium. Accessibility information here.